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What does it take to be “Full Stack” in web security?




If you are anything like me you are fascinated by Operations Security and Information Security but are not exactly sure where to start or where it all ends. Luckily Paul Jerimy has made an amazing interactive infographic that not only shows you the most logical approach to tackling the journey of being a valuable and well rounded web security professional but also shows you how much it will cost.

This info graphic focuses primarily on the steps but also shows the exact course names and cost to complete the course so you can asses exactly how much time, money and effort it takes to be at the top of the security field.

As Paul best put it “The Security Certification Roadmap above is a sort of Rosetta stone for these certifications. The chart attempts to classify and rank security certifications based on reputation, difficulty, and usefulness of their BOKs. Ranks are based on my judgement of these certifications and feedback from dozens of security professionals.

Check out the always up to date Security Certification Roadmap by Paul Jerimy

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“Privacy Not Included”, Mozilla Helps You Shop For Safe Internet Connected Products



Ever wonder which products invade your privacy the most?

Or which internet connected household product is always listening when you don’t think they are?

Well thanks to privacy focused browser Mozilla, now you can get an idea which internet connected products are spying on you the most. The Mozilla foundation have recently launched their fourth edition of  *privacy not included just in time for the holiday shopping season.

We hope you use and enjoy this guide to help you think about, shop for, and buy products from companies that show they value privacy and security. We as consumers need to demand that value from the people who build our products. It’s how we’ll start to make the internet, and our lives, a bit safer in this digital world. That is our goal every day here at Mozilla.

Thank you!
The Team at Mozilla


List of devices that may be spying on you right now:

Amazon Alexa & Echo

Google Home

Google Nest

Smart Phone

Smar Fridge

Smart TV

Smart Watch

Laptop Computer

Desktop Computer

Dyson Fan

Nintendo Switch

Sonos One Speakers

Garmin Venu

Arlo Security Cameras

iRobot Roomba “i Series”

Peloton Tread

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Honeywell Home Smart Thermostats

Petsafe Smart Feed

Ring Video Doorbell

Atomi Smart Coffee Maker

Facebook Messanger

Facebook Portal

In a world where pretty much everything you buy is connecting to the internet 24/7, its nice to know what kind of security is built into the products you’re buying for yourself, friends and family. We did some browsing ourself and it’s actually quite scary how many large brands don’t take their customers privacy into consideration.

In a world that is consistently becoming more and more connected, scammers and criminals are constantly looking for their next targets. Being aware of what you’re buying is more and more important for the safety of you and your loved ones.

Was there anything on the list that you owned and were surprised to find out that it was invading your privacy? [wpdiscuz-feedback id=”iibr0wokx2″ question=”Please leave a feedback on this” opened=”0″]Let us know![/wpdiscuz-feedback]

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FBI: Hackers stole source code from US government agencies and private companies



FBI: Hackers stole source code from US government agencies and private companies from r/technology

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has sent out a security alert warning that threat actors are abusing misconfigured SonarQube applications to access and steal source code repositories from US government agencies and private businesses.

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